Trishuli River Rafting

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  • Destination Nepal
  • Meals: Breakfast + Lunch
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About Trip

Rafting in Nepal is an experience which pumps thrill inside one's body. Few other countries offer such wide choice of multi-day trips amidst marvelous mountain surroundings. One can add to these bubbly rivers, exotic wildlife and friendly people, and the joy increases manifold. If you think rafting in Nepal is all about mountains and rivers, you are mistaken. While you go for rafting, you also enjoy magnificent temples, crafts, lovely scenic views and intriguing culture.

The Trisuli River

Accessibility makes Trisuli river very popular kayaking river in Nepal.  To experience a rafting trip on the Trisuli with the tours of Pokhara, Annapurna treks and safaris in the Chitwan National Park. Picturesque valleys, deep gorges, thrilling rapids, easy sections as well as the right amount of time, all make Trisuli an ideal trip for both first-timers or experienced kayakers.

Given below are the fine points of a rafting trip to Trisuli River:

Impressive gorges and thrilling rapids like S Bend, Pin Ball, Tea Pot and Rocky.  Plenty of wildlife, large number of colorful birds, including eagles, vultures by the riverside. This rafting trip can be combined with a trip extension to Chitwan and Pokhara.




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