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Vegan Logo T-shirt 

 Price  600 NPR

Black Color T-shirt 

Price : 600 NPR

Vegan White T-shirt 

Price  600 NPR

                                                   Vegan Dairy Products

All the products are homemade using natural ingredients. Our mission is to provide high quality fresh homemade Vegan products to multitude of Nepalese Community. We believe that with abundance of vegan options in Nepal, more people will boycott animal products and join hands with us to be Vegan, Himsa Free and choose a healthy alternative.

Products that we sell are:

1) Soy Yogurt - Ingredients are Soy Beans and Water. Price Rs 150/L, Rs 80/half L


2) Soy Milk - Ingredients are Soy Beans and Water. Price Rs 190/L, Rs 100/half Litre


3) Almond Milk - Ingredients are Almonds and Water. Price Rs 300/L, Rs 170/Half Litre


4) Cashew Milk - Ingredients are Cashews and Water. Price Rs 300/L, Rs 170/Half Litre


5) Vegan Spread Cheese - Ingredients Cashews, Koshner Salt, Thyme Leaves, Oregano, Lemon Juice, Coconut Oil and White Pepper. Price Rs 350 


* * Al products are unsweetned and needs to be pre-ordered before 24hrs * *



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