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Veggie Nepal offers you a wide variety of different adventurous activities and vegan trekking in Nepal.
As Nepal is known as the country of Himalayas where the tallest peak in the world, Mt. Everest is
situated. Not only this, but there are many tallest peaks that are above 8000m and many high hills which
makes this country as the wonderful destination for the travelers.
Trekking is not only about visiting the places and snapping some beautiful photos, but it is all about
learning everything about that place and exploring the nature into the depth. So, we make your travel
fun as well as interesting by involving you in various vegan activities like: introducing vegan Nepali foods,
Vegan cooking classes, and so on. As Nepal is the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, we encourage
travelers to travel with us in a peaceful way with proper care for the environment and without torturing
the animals or using any animal product.
Therefore the main objective of Veggie Nepal is to promote veganism and encourage the vegan traveler
to reach every corners of the trekking destinations of Nepal without any difficulties. Veggie Nepal has
been successfully operating many vegan trekking and adventurous activities in Nepal and is always ready
to provide the best customer service to satisfy the needs and requirements of the customers.


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